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At Henderson Cars, we believe that arranging the right insurance to protect your new purchase is as important as making the purchase itself

Henderson Cars has access to a number of major car insurance companies who offer a range of affordable packages, from third party to fully comprehensive cover. We can provide competitive car insurance quotes to ensure you are adequately covered for your driving needs.

All motorists in Australia are required to carry Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance which is provided as part of your vehicle registration fee in Queensland. However, this type of automotive insurance only covers injuries sustained to the third party in the event of a road accident. It does not cover any damage to property or other vehicles.

Additional levels of cover are therefore strongly recommended and may include:

  • Third party – covers only damage to other vehicles or property, but does not cover damage to your own vehicle or loss due to theft
  • Third party fire and theft – this does not cover damage to your vehicle but it does cover damage caused to other vehicles or property. It also covers loss due to theft or fire
  • Fully comprehensive car insurance – the maximum cover you can buy. Generally, this will pay for damage done to your own vehicle as well as damage done to other vehicles or property

Different insurers also offer a range of additional options, such as No Claims Bonus, Vehicle Excess and Agreed Value. It is worth taking the time to get a range of car insurance quotes before making the final decision on how best to cover your significant investment.

Contact us today to find out which insurance solutions will suit your requirements and get a car insurance quote.

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