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At Henderson Cars, we understand your vehicle is an important purchase and an investment that needs to be protected. We offer customers peace of mind through our range of used car warranty products.

In Queensland, a statutory warranty is applied to used cars bought from a licensed dealer. The vehicle is warranted as being free from some defects at the time of sale and for the warranty period. The dealer should repair defects occurring during the warranty period free of charge.

A vehicle that has travelled less than 160 000km and is less than 10 years old is called a ‘Class A vehicle’: the warranty is for three months or 5000km – whichever occurs first.

A vehicle that has travelled more than 160 000km or is more than 10 years old is a ‘Class B vehicle’: the warranty is for one month or 1000km – whichever occurs first.

Some defects are excluded from the statutory warranty, for example:

  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Lights
  • Radiator hoses
  • Vehicle accessories, e.g. radio, tape deck, cd player or air bags
  • Paint work or upholstery that should have been apparent at the time of sale
  • Any additions made after the buyer takes possession
  • On vehicles older than ten years old, or more than 160,000km, the air conditioning unit is not covered

At Henderson Cars, we can offer an extended car warranty to protect your purchase and offer you the extra security you are looking for. Our extended car warranties are competitively priced to suit your driving needs and differ from others that might include tight restrictions in order to comply with the warranty conditions, such as where to have the vehicle serviced.

Contact us today to choose the vehicle protection plan that is right for you and your vehicle.

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